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The power to my garage door shut down and there was no way to get into the garage but using then garage door as back in the 90’s I did not have a door installed from the house to the garage. I was in a bad spot so I contacted Door Doctor and Kurtis Barbeau came in response to my call. After explaining the problem he indicated that there was a cord hanging from the breakaway and all he had to do was drill a hole in the top of the door and reach in with a hook tool he had and he should be able to open the door. Hole drilled but no rope. He took his time and thought out the problem and decided that if he removed the facing wood from around the door he would be able to cut the rollers and then the door should open enough for him to get in and release the breakaway. Thank you Kurtis without your experience and Knowledge I would still be wondering how to get into the garage. Super job and excellent service.

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