Know When It’s Time for Your Garage Door Repair

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Garage doors are extremely important for the safety of your house, property, belongings, and family. When your garage door stops working and does not close, your family safety and your car and other items are at risk. This is a situation in which none of us would like to be in. To make sure your garage door doesn’t break down completely, you need to consistently look for garage door repair required. Make sure you fix the little problems as they arise and do not push them off.

There are garage door experts who can take care of all your garage door problems. From regular maintenance to troubleshoot, make sure you have the best garage door expert on your dialer.

To stay safe and keep your garage door up to date, here are a few things you should keep checking in your garage door.

Garage Door is Creating Noise

When the garage door starts making unusually loud noises, it is time for a quick check. Scan the moving parts to see where the noise comes from while opening and closing the garage doors. It could be from the rollers or cables but mostly it is just some loose screws which need tightening. Make sure you fix this issue as soon as you detect it.

Know When It’s Time for Garage Door Repair | Door Doctor, Montreal

If there is anything major than this, do not venture to fix it yourself. Garage Doors are a massive set up which require someone with only expert knowledge. To make sure you do not cause any further damage to the door or to yourself, call the garage door expert to have a look and fix the rollers and cables.

Garage Door Remote Doesn’t Work

When an electric garage door doesn’t open, it is often because the batteries in the remote or the transmitter have become weak. Before you start worrying about garage door repairs, make sure you replace the batteries and try to operate the door. If this still doesn’t work, it is probably the auto reversal system.

Automatic garage doors have photo eyes placed on either side, pointing towards each other. These are a part of a safety system called auto reversal. When an object comes between the photo eyes, the door detects it and does not close on it and reverses back. Many a time these photo eyes become misaligned and cause the door to freeze. This could be another reason why the door doesn’t open or close. Try to re-align the photo eyes if possible. If you feel that you are still not able to solve the problem, call the garage door experts. Remember to keep the sensors clear when trying to open or close the garage doors.

Door is off the tracks

If the garage door becomes off the tracks, it won’t be difficult to tell. This can cause your door to breakdown and freeze. With time, wear and tear, eventually, garage doors may come off track. This is bound to happen when the door gets too old. However, you need not wait for this to happen. Keep looking for you garage doors sliding on the tracks and if you sense something amiss, call for garage door repair.

You can also schedule regular visits from the garage door experts to inspect the door from time to time for anything that might need upkeep.

There are several other problems that might arise with your garage door. It is always advised to have your local garage door repair guys come over as soon as you sense something wrong with the door or if you are in Canada, feel free to call Door Doctor @ 1-800-663-3130 now!

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