The Importance of a Garage Door Spring

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Being a homeowner, you will have by now realized the true importance of the garage door spring in opening and closing a garage door. Garage doors are not light by any standards; they are heavy and bulky and need to be handled with care.

What is the role of the garage door spring?

It plays a very integral role in the door. It balances it and enables smooth operation.  Such large springs can be very dangerous. Using a broken garage door spring is asking for trouble. The door shouldn’t be used when the spring is broken. When a garage door doesn’t work very well, the problem is more often than not the spring, which should be checked immediately. The door ought not to be operated until the spring has been repaired or replaced.

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What happens when the spring breaks?

When the spring breaks, the garage door simply can not open or close. When the spring breaks, the garage door simply cannot open or close. This leads to various issues, from home security to basic inability to the garage. Being unable to complete your daily routine is a very serious consequence. Thus, it is vital to pick the right garage spring door so that your day-to-day life doesn’t come to a standstill.

How does a door spring break?

A door spring in the garage door can break because it’s rusted, deprecated or due to wear and tear. If regular maintenance hasn’t been done, the lifespan of the spring is shortened. Over time, springs become weaker, which makes the door harder to operate.

A good quality garage door spring will prevent a lot of damage. A broken spring could lead to the door falling suddenly and causing serious consequences.  Actual deaths have been recorded because of poor quality or poorly installed garage door springs.

How long does a spring normally last?

In the case of residential doors, the assumed life span of a garage door spring is said to be about 10,000 cycles. Cycles are when a door opens and closes. On average, a spring can last about six to seven years.

Which garage door spring do I need?

Torsion spring systems are believed to be quieter than extension systems. A torsion spring lasts twice as long and can to support more weight. The overall balance of torsion spring systems is greater, which makes them a better choice in many ways. The balance enables easy opening and closing of the door. Torsion springs have fewer exposed parts than extension springs, making them safer to use. On the other hand, torsion springs are more expensive.

Extension springs are usually more economic. Because they are cheaper, they are the most popular. However, because they have more exposed parts, they also present a risk of injury.

It should be noted that both spring systems operate under extreme tension.


Torsion spring systems are best. Despite being more expensive than extension springs, the additional safety they procure must be taken into consideration. They are silent while in operation and their good overall balance enables smooth operating of the garage door. Contact Door Doctor now for more information.

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