LifftMaster operators accessories offer all new technologies to facilitate the operation of your residential garage door. Opt for multiple remotes, parking assistance systems, power systems, switches and monitoring devices.

373LM Remote Control

371LM Remote control

EverCharge Battery backup system

975LM Laser Garage Parking Assistant

Liftmaster alternative power system

891LM 1-button remote control

893LM 3-buttons remote control

895MAX Premium 3-buttons remote control

480LM Alternative mounting kit

Liftmaster 377LM Entry system

877LM Wireless keyless Entry system

877MAX Entry system

LiftMaster 378LM Control panel

885LM Wireless Garage Door Control Panel

LiftMaster 828LM Internet Gateway

823LM LiftMaster Remote light switch

825LM Remote Light Control

829LM Garage and gate monitor


Choose from many Linear accessories for electric garage doors operators. Key rings, remote controls, power supply units, receivers and testers facilitate the operation of your residential garage door.

Linear MDTK Keypad transmitter

ACT-21B Key ring transmitter

ACT-22B Key ring transmitter

ACT-34B Key ring transmitter

ACT-34D Transmitter & proximity tag

MCT-1 Transmitter

MCT-3 Transmitter

MDKP Wireless keypad

MDR-2 Receiver

MDR/U Receiver

MDT-1B Transmitter

MDT-2B Transmitter

MDT-4B Transmitter

MT-2B Transmitter

BBU Battery Backup Unit


MT-1B Transmitter

MDT-4A Transmitter

MDT-2A Transmitter

MDT-1A Transmitter

MDRG Gate receiver

MDR Receiver

MCT-11 Transmitter

MCT-2 Transmitter

FT-1 Radio interference tester

ACT-31D Transmitter & proximity tag

ACT-31B Key ring transmitter

ACT-22A Key ring transmitter

ACT-21A Key ring transmitter

890MAX 3-button mini remote control

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