Solid Wood Garage Door

The Elegance and Distinction of your Residence

Our solid wood door is undoubtedly the best way to showcase your home. It must enhance the value of your property, including being in harmony with the front door. The natural richness of the wood gives the charm, elegance, and distinction to your home.

We manufacture several models of garage doors can vary from 8 to 16 feet wide. Gallery of our present site enables to evaluate the fullness of garage doors that we have recently made.

It should be understood that the refinement, nobility, and richness brought by solid wood, and the manufacturing standards particularly high are undeniable elements to competitors in terms of asserting the performance of the insulation factor.

Our manufacturing standards are more stringent and we needed a highly remarkable discipline. For more details, please see below the tab

  • They are made with a blend of mortises, tenons and the shoulder reinforcements and ties renforcies giving them great strength and durability as you can expect a high quality finish.
  • Inserted internally insulated panels allow maximum heat output.
  • Equipped with a double weatherstripping inapparent international panels avoiding drafts and enhancing energy efficiency.
  • The design of our seals backflow of water to keep them dry and extends their life and for all models of garage doors solid wood.
  • Choice of various wood species rich look to your home providing an undeniable charm.
  • Our doors have commercial hardware ball bearing first
quality giving them a robust and exemplary sustainability.
  • Of various sizes and shapes as well as the original panels with or without openings for the use of thermal glasses, they allow our customers a complete customization of the project.
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