Pedestrian commercial door

At Door Doctor, we are constantly looking to remain at the forefront of the latest trends. Our pedestrian door offers a pedestrian entry integrated to your garage doors in order to facilitate their access.

Choose from a wide variety of pedestrian garage doors and opt for the perfect one to fit your needs! Our doors are well adapted to many different commercial and industrial applications.  An isolating system is installed all around the entry door as well as an insulated tape.

Our pedestrian doors are guaranteed for life and are manufactured and installed by a reliable and professional team of experts at your service.

Industry leadership

Equipped with an ingenious security system, Door Doctor doors give you more. Generally, a pedestrian garage door is extended over 4 panels. Many manufacturers do not keep that fact in mind and install a locking system in the two middle panels, sometimes in only one. At Door Doctor, our system ensures that all four panels of the pedestrian door are well held together in a reliable and safe manner.


If you are using a garage door opener, we install an additional security device; a current-cutter. This system ensures that your garage door can never be opened as long as your pedestrian door is opened, preventing many damages to your doors or your buildings.

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