Why You Need To Pay Special Attention To Your Garage Door Openers

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Garage Doors are a part of almost every house today. What keeps a garage door up and running (literally) are the garage door openers. Garage door openers are a very basic part of the garage door and keep functioning smoothly for years, generally. But, sometime or the other you are bound to face trouble with them. Although not many people report frequent complaints about their garage door openers, there is often a reason for you to change them. Since garage door openers ensure the safety of your car, house, and family, you should always be extra careful with them. Newer technologies keep coming in which do a much better job at opening a garage door. It is, therefore, best to replace your garage door openers frequently.

If your garage door opener does not have any one of the below latest features, get in touch with us at Door Doctor and we will ensure that your garage door openers are the best and safest for you and your family.

Object and Child detection

Over the past years, the most important feature of a garage door has become its ability to detect and obstruction in its way of closing. This safe and secure system allows the garage door to detect an object in its way while it is closing and stop as soon as it detects and rolls back into the open position. This automatic reversal of garage doors is a key feature to ensure the safety of your kids and pets, were they to come under the garage door.

Make sure that your garage door has this feature. In case it already does, keep checking it from time to time by keeping an object under it to detect whether it is working fine or not.

Why Pay Special Attention To Your Garage Door Openers | Door Doctor

Lesser Noise

Does your garage door opener wake your family up or generally disturb the household because it makes so much noise?

The early garage doors were very noisy as they used a chain-drive mechanism. If you can see something that resembles a bike chain close to the engine unit of your opener, consider changing it with a screw-driver or belt-drive garage door opener. However, even the latest chain drive mechanism will be quieter but it is advised to go for either screw drive model or belt drive model.

Increased Safety Features

Safety concerns have been increasing with time. Older models working with remotes using fixed codes put you at greater risk. Since the code remains fixed, it is easy for a thief to crack it. However, with the latest moving code technology, the code changes every time you use it. This makes it very difficult for someone to track the codes and avoids burglars getting into your house through the garage door.

With garage door features changing every day with innovations in technology, it sometimes because difficult to keep your garage door updated. However, with Door Doctor, you can remain assured that your garage door has all the necessary features required and at the same time reducing cost. For more information, Call Us Now!

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