Garage Doors Types – Modern and Commercial

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Here are the most popular types of modern and commercial garage doors.

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

A standout amongst the most adaptable and normally used garage door types. The roller door is a door that opens and closes vertically with the door shade curtain rolling up onto a barrel situated at the top of a pair of guides in which the door curtain travels in. A roller garage door is either lifted using a manual operation with spring and gearing assistance or electrically operated using various single and three phase electric motor drive options.

Perfect for any application where there is adequate headroom inside to accommodate the curtain roll. Materials and motor drive technology means far greater options now available for the door opening speed and the controls and safety on these garage doors.

Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

A garage door type becoming far more popular as the benefits in the strength, insulation, and security of this door type is realized. It is primarily a door made from several horizontal panels, usually about 400 – 600mm high and up to widths of about 10metres.

Ideal for any building where insulation is important, and with some of the more modern designs using large sections of glazing, these are an ideal solution for retail environments, such as car showrooms and the like. As long as there is the uninterrupted space available above the door opening the sectional door is always worth investing.

Modern & Commercial Garage Doors Types

Sliding Garage Doors

One of the most simple and inconvenience free door types and usually a single or double bi-parting door system sliding on the outside of any building although can slide inside if required.

Ideal for farm buildings, warehouses or factories with the option of a pedestrian door built in for frequent pedestrian access. Long lasting with almost no stress on any components during operation.

High-Speed Garage Doors

A traditional reference to a fabric roller curtain used to control the atmosphere within a large warehouse or factory buildings. Traditionally a high-speed fabric door is used behind a traditional steel roller door which is opened during operational times and the fabric curtain is kept closed until a forklift or vehicle needs to pass through. With modern materials and electric motor technology, it is now perfectly possible to have a high-speed garage door with a steel or aluminum curtain, therefore, doing away with the need for 2 doors. High-speed garage doors are also referred to as ‘fast action doors’. Various insulated high-speed doors are also now available providing even more benefits for buildings where temperature control is important.

Hinged Garage Doorsets

A reference to any garage door hinged at one side with either a single or double leaf arrangement. Most garage doorsets in industrial applications are manufactured from steel and are a double skinned construction. The use of the word doorset signifies the inclusion of the sub fixing frame and all necessary hardware which is all usually factory fitted. The use of steel garage doorset in modern buildings is far greater than it used to be for the benefits of fire protection, security, sound insulation and other uses.

Aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and timber veneered steel panels are the most commonly used materials.

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