New Garage Door Prices and Installation

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If your garage door has begun to break down, you may consider a new garage door installation. Do not worry about garage door prices as the resale value of garage doors is quite high. Truth be told, new garage door installation yields around 84 percent in resale value, as per Remodeling Magazine. In addition to bringing you a solid return on your investment, a new garage door will improve functionality, enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior, and ensure the protection of both your home’s entryway and the contents of your garage. Because installing a garage door is an extensive job that involves some electrical work, heavy lifting and removal of the old garage door, it will likely require working with a garage door professional. Here are some factors to consider as you look to invest in a new garage door:

Garage Door Prices

A garage door prices will be somewhere in the range of $200 for single doors to $4,000 for at least two doors, with better materials representing the higher cost. Most homeowners report spending about $1,071 for the door and installation. It is possible to save some money on time and labor by installing the door yourself; however, the sheer weight of some doors can pose a high risk of personal injury. If you think you’d like to attempt installation on your own, be sure to consult with your garage door retailer and choose a door that can be maneuvered safely.

Modern Garage Doors - Garage Door Prices - Door DoctorInsulation, which increases energy efficiency and can bring down service bills, is pivotal when a garage door is installed in a home. For this situation, doors with high R-values are favored. This implies it has a protection that can keep the warmth in. The higher the R-esteem, the better protected your garage will be against outside cold and hot air. All around protected doors will have polystyrene or polyurethane foam in their construction. Some different variables to remember when buying a garage door include:

  • Pinch Resistance: Pinch resistance pushes fingers out of the way if they’re too close to a door.
  • Tamper Resistance: Bottom brackets reduce injury risk from door components.

Garage Door Installation Cost Factors

Installing a garage door involves:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Proper removal and disposal of the old garage door
  • Heavy and awkward installation

So it is always best to have a new garage door installed by a professional. Make sure that any contractor bids include the cost of removing your old garage door and installing the new tracks and additional parts listed above. The style and material of the garage door you choose, as well as whether you wish to have a garage door opener installed, will also impact the cost of your final project. Typically, it will cost less to install a steel garage door without an opener than to install a custom wood door with a garage door opener. Recent innovations have also yielded high-tech doors with thick insulation and energy-efficient glaze, as well as finished interior surfaces and other significant upgrades. These are more expensive doors, but they are also extremely durable.

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