Common Causes Behind Your Frequent Garage Door Repairs

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Garage doors are a great innovation. For those who have been using automatic garage doors, they possibly cannot imagine doing without them. But, sometimes, garage doors give a lot of trouble and demand garage door repairs. Like everything else, garage doors need care and attention from time to time. It is good the know the common garage door repair problems and reasons behind them.

Faulty Auto Reversal System

To prevent mishaps, the latest innovations in garage doors have detectors that stop the door from shutting in case an object is sensed in its path. If the alignment of the detectors on either side of the door is disturbed, it is possible that the door may not close no matter how much you try. To fix this you will need a professional for your garage door repair.

Common Causes Behind Frequent Garage Door Repairs- Door Doctor, Ottawa

Non-functional Batteries

Because your garage door doesn’t open doesn’t really mean there’s anything amiss with the remote. Very often the reason behind this could be weak batteries in the remote. If you are able to open the garage door with the keypad on the side unit but unable to operate through the remote, it is possible that the batteries in the remote or the transmitter may need to be replaced.

Damaged Garage Door Cable

Garage door cable is the link that holds the garage door up, enabling it to be securely and gradually brought down into position. When these are broken, the opener may continue to work, however, the door itself could plummet down under its very own weight. This can lead to massive damage to your property. In case you have pets and children at home, you should be extremely wary of this situation. Call a professional for garage door repair at the earliest signs of a defective cable.

Garage Door Panel Defects

Garage doors are normally made of numerous boards, and these can regularly be changed out without getting an entirely new door. If a board is damaged, you should change it at the earliest. It’s essential, in any case, to get an expert evaluation on why harm to a board has happened. This is important to asses any underlying cause that may cause some bigger damage in the future.

Automatic Door Opener Problems

Automatic garage doors are raised and brought down by electric openers — and thinking about that these openers raise 150-or 250-pound door hundreds of times each year, they are extremely prone to wear, tear and damage. Since fixing a broken opener involves electrical expertise, this is another sort of fix that is frequently better left to a garage door repair professional.

Roller Checks

Garage door rollers allow the door to slide on its tracks while opening and closing. They allow for a smooth movement of the door and any defect in them can obstruct the door midway. To detect a defect in the rollers, watch out for any unusual sound while operating the garage door. This could be an indication that the rollers are either bent or broken. Make sure you fix this issue before it escalates into bigger problems. For more information, feel free to Contact Door Doctor.

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